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100 Kingdom Hearts Fics

Kingdom Hearts 100 Fic Challenge
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This is one of those communities: an 100 Fiction Challenge one. This one's all about Kingdom Hearts -- and that's anything Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, or Kingdom Hearts II related. Follow the steps below!

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Your journey begins...
+ Copy the prompt table, found here, into your LJ.
+ Reply to this post with your character or pairing claim, and a link to the prompt table in your LJ.
+ Join the community, and start writing! Everytime you complete a prompt, post it in your LJ (not required, though it's nice), this community, and link it to your prompt table.
+ Finished? Reply to this post with your claim and a link to your prompt table. You'll receive a shiny banner and a spot in the Hall of Fame!

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I hope these won't be a problem, but you never know.

1) No flaming. No exceptions. This includes in other people's personal LJs.
2) Please try your best to use correct grammar and spelling. (no typingg lyk disz, k?)
3) Don't make a bitch post in the community. The entries there are for posting fictions by members only.
4) "Adult content" and spoilers should have a clear warning when posted.
5) Each response to a prompt must contain a minimum of 100 words -- no maximum, go crazy.

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Things to know...
1) There isn't a set limit of how many people can claim one character, pairing, group etc. However, if too many people are claiming one character/pairing/group, claims for that will be on hold until someone finishes -- just to keep this from becoming a community made for mostly one fandom within Kingdom Hearts.
2) You can only work on one claim at a time. Once you've finished or drop your claim, you can claim another pairing, character, or group.
3) Reply to the claim post with the name of your claim if you want to drop it.

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Community Birth: fanfic100
Maintainer: lyndsay (dopehatanima@gmail.com)
Layout: premade_ljs

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Comment here or email me for affiliation!
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