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100 Kingdom Hearts Fics
Claim: Sora; #6: Water 
5th-Jan-2008 01:34 am
Namine- pretty
Title: Shoreline
Claim: Sora
Theme: #06, Water
Word Count: 424
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None.
Summary: She is the ocean and he is the earth, and their bodies are interlaced like water drifting through sand. [Sora/Ariel]
Disclaimer: Characters mentioned within do not belong to me, but rather Squenix and Disney


Waves are rhythmic: similar to that of a heartbeat, but unlike a heartbeat, the movement of waves is a permanent rhythm; a never-ending cycle of water gently shaped by constant currents of air. And unlike the mechanics and workings of a heart, waves are usually predictable. A wave must eventually meet land, turning over itself and shattering like glass, refracting light and twinkling brilliantly as it spills over the sand. The moment a wave is formed, it is destined to find the shore, like how lovers are destined to come together, despite their differences, and form a harmonic unity.

It is at the shore, at the exact spot where the land and the sea collide, where Sora lies. He doesn’t understand why the merfolk are so fearful of land, when their environment is constantly moving toward and interacting with it.

A red-haired girl next to him giggles softly. “Daddy will be so angry if he knows I’m here”, she says. Their arms are intertwined, the sand underneath their hands slipping through their fingers as the force of the waves drag it towards the sea.

“I don’t see why your dad doesn’t like the land,” Sora says, lifting his tail out of the water slightly, examining his fin. “It’s really not that bad…”

Ariel sits up and leans over him, smiling. The ends of her bright hair brush against his shoulder and neck, tickling him slightly. Sora returns the smile.

“Oh, he just doesn’t know anything about it, that’s all,” she replies. “That’s why you’re different than all the other mermen, Sora.” She is leaning forward even further, their bodies pressing together slightly. “You’re like me; you know how wonderful the people and everything on land is… And you even know what all those neat things I have are for… Like the whatchamacallit that combs my hair-”

“It’s a fork, and you eat with it,” Sora corrects her gently.

“You see? With you… We can show Daddy how great the land is, right?”

“Right.” Sora tenses as she leans forward still, their breath mingling. She smells of fresh, flowery springs, despite living in saltwater.

“That’s why,” Ariel continues, “I’m willing to risk getting in trouble with Daddy for being right here… Right now. Because of you.”

Sora inhales deeply, taking in her scent as if she is a newly bloomed rose. “It’s completely worth it”, he whispers to her softly. Anything is worth risking for this moment.

Even several hours later, the tide cannot wash away the imprint in the sand of two mermaids embracing.

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