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100 Kingdom Hearts Fics
Claim: Sora; Prompt: #5, Hate 
27th-Dec-2007 10:36 pm
Terra - art
Title: He is Desperate
Claim: Sora
Theme: #05, Hate
Word Count: 690
Rating: PG
Spoilers: For CoM and KH2
Summary: DiZ and Naminé struggle with Sora's memories. [Implied Larxene/Sora, Sora/Naminé]
Disclaimer: Characters mentioned within do not belong to me, but rather Squenix and Disney


One calm, quiet summer evening is unexpectedly torn apart. Loud noises, sparks, and harsh whispers float from the mansion, although the inhabitants of Twilight Town pay it no mind.

Tucked away in the basement, DiZ struggles with a malfunctioning computer. He curses quietly as the monitors before him flicker uncontrollably.

“What is the meaning of this?” DiZ mutters angrily, watching static dart across screens, distorting the vital data he is meant to be watching over.

Naminé stands to the side, watching. She is rubbing her arm gently, as if it were cold.

“She won’t let go”, Naminé murmurs.


In his mind, Sora is fighting. He swings the Keyblade at her with fury that burns his flesh; he strikes at her with a flame swelling from deep within his heart that guides his body into feverish, unrelenting attacks.

“What have you done?” Sora screams at her. “You made me forget something; what is it?” Larxene only smiles, with wild amusement lingering in the curl of her lips. Her reply angers Sora even further, and he charges at the Nobody, the source of his hate, with the intent to utterly destroy her.

But Larxene simply laughs at him, and beckons him towards her with a slight motion of her fingers. “Come closer,” she hisses, grinning. “I love how much you hate me.” Sora regains control of his emotion and hesitates, glaring at her.

“Come on,” Larxene says, motioning towards Sora again. “You’ve forgotten something very precious to you, right? A memory… It just rips you up inside that you’ve forgotten, doesn’t it?”

Hatred swells up in Sora’s throat as if it were a bubble. Larxene continues. “I just know that she is devastated too, Sora. Don’t you think it’s time you stopped hurting her like this?”

The question hits him with a tangible force, and Sora stumbles back. His expression immediately softens.

“The only thing standing in your way…” Larxene says, straightening, “….is me. So come on already.”

Sora raises the Keyblade again and dashes at Larxene. When he strikes, Larxene sidesteps out of the path of the Keyblade and swipes her knives, laced with an electric jolt, across Sora’s face.

Sora skids backwards into the wall, the impact rattling his jaw. After several painful seconds, Sora staggers to his feet and, taking a deep breath, charges again.


Electricity dances across the adjoining monitors. DiZ turns and looks at Naminé expectantly. “What exactly do you mean by ‘she won’t let go’?”

Naminé lowers her head. “I have… made an error in unlinking the chains in Sora’s memories, DiZ.”

“What? How so?”

Her voice wavers. “I have… unlinked Sora’s memories of me before I have unlinked his memories of Larxene. Now she’s lingering in his mind, and using his memories against him.”

DiZ shakes his head. “That doesn’t make any sense, Naminé. Larxene is dead. There’s no way she could be damaging my computers like this.” He gestures towards the monitors, half of which have shut down completely.

“Hate is a powerful memory,” Naminé replies. “Sora has forgotten someone very dear to him, but… he remembers his hate for Larxene. And he knows that Larxene has something to do with the person he’s forgotten.”

DIZ frowns. “The logical solution is, then, to unlink Sora’s memories of Larxene before it causes any more damage.”

Naminé makes a noise that sounds like a choked sob. “I can’t”, she stammers. “Sora is clinging to that hate in hopes of regaining what he’s lost… He is desperate to remember the person he’s forgotten. He’s desperate to remember… me.”

DiZ is less than pleased. “It will take me a few days to repair the damage to this system”, he says, cold. “In the meantime, Naminé, keep Sora from destroying himself.”

Naminé nods silently. She will fulfill her obligation to protect Sora, and yet she finds it difficult to avoid succumbing to her own selfish desires. Naminé reaches a grim realization: she is desperate to be remembered, just as Sora is desperate to remember.

In the pod room, Naminé smiles, flattening her palm against the pod where Sora sleeps. For now, she will relish in his desperation.

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