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100 Kingdom Hearts Fics
Tomfoolery (Challenge #8, Young, Claim: Sora) 
18th-Nov-2007 05:31 pm
Sora- smirk
Title: Tomfoolery
Claim: Sora
Theme: #08, Young
Word Count: 905
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Summary: Pre KH: Young Sora and Riku get into shenanigans.
Disclaimer: Characters mentioned within do not belong to me, but rather Squenix and Disney

One evening, a boy still young enough to give his mother butterfly kisses settles himself into bed. He is exhausted, but grinning eagerly at the woman in the corner of the room while she thumbs through a bookcase.

“Tomorrow’s gonna be great, Momma!” Sora declares, wiggling his toes under the blanket. His eyes shine bright as the summer sky, warming the room despite the cool, salty breeze slipping through the wooden planks of the wall.

She smiles at her son as she sits on the bed next to him, a book in her hand. “Are you excited to see where Daddy works at the pier?” she asks, tousling Sora’s hair gently.

He slides onto her lap and reaches for the book she’s holding. “Fish guts!” he giggles, seemingly more interested in the story he’s about to hear than the idea of fish guts.

“That’s right… Fish guts,” she says quietly, “You’re going to have so much fun, Sora.”

Sora’s heart flutters. Momma has no idea.


The next day, Sora bites his lip in anticipation of his chance to impress his best friend Riku. He is at the age where everything about him is neater to Sora: a year older than butterfly kisses, or so Riku claims. Today, Riku stands next to the docks, arms crossed, his stance as sturdy as the earth beneath him.

“Fish guts,” Riku mutters, making a face in the direction of the fishermen working along the pier.

“Riku!” Sora has caught up by now. Riku turns and smiles at his younger friend in greeting.

“I didn’t forget!” Sora beams, a little too excited. “I brought all of my munny and I think we should buy those candies I really like and-”

“Shush,” Riku says harshly, “We’re gonna get caught if you’re so loud.” Sora holds a hand over his mouth and nods vigorously.

“Listen, Sora,” Riku says as he leans forward so he can whisper. “We gotta get to the marketplace without our dads noticing… Here’s what we’re gonna do.”

Riku is the leader, and Sora follows, itching to impress.


The marketplace is so much larger and intimidating without his parents to lead the way. Riku is taller than Sora, yes, but unlike his parents, Riku lacks the strength and confidence in his grip (not that he is willing to hold Sora’s hand anyway). Sora quickly begins to feel less desperate to show off, and more frightened. “Riku? Let’s go back.”

Riku is much better at hiding his fear. “Relax, will you?” he says dismissively, trying to focus past the sea of adults in order to locate the cart selling candies. They are swamped; two young fish trapped in foreign waters, with unfamiliar creatures pushing their way around one another, so close together the surface is unreachable. Riku takes an unsteady breath.

“Riku…” Sora doesn’t even care that his voice is wavering.

The crowd splits, revealing an empty cart; probably the fruit merchant’s spare. “Look, Sora!” Riku exclaims, grabbing his friend’s arm. “I’ll give you a boost up there so you can see where the candy cart is, okay?”

Sora nods, relaxing a little.

A small argument and a slight scuffle later, Sora is standing on the wooden cart, a hand on his brow to shield his eyes from the sun. It’s a relief to be as tall as the adults now; he has a chance to breathe again.

“Do you see it, Sora?” Riku’s voice seems far away.

“Uh…” Sora squints slightly, looking around. “I see the fish stands, and there’s the lady that sells the necklaces Momma likes… And look, there’s Daddy!” Sora starts waving in his father’s direction.

“What? Sora, get down or he’ll see you!”

Sora quickly crouches inside the cart. Riku clambers behind the wheels. He notices an odd sort of handle attached to one of the cart’s legs, and, against his better judgment, he grabs it and pulls. Click.

“Is he gone, Riku?” Sora hisses from the top of the cart.

Riku peers around the cart, unable to really tell from his current position. “Hang on,” he murmurs, grabbing a hold of the cart’s leg. “I can’t see from here.” He leans heavily on the cart, pulls himself up, and steps to the side to look around.

“Maybe we should go back to the pier…” Sora says quietly. “Daddy knows we’re here.”

Riku only nods before standing back to give Sora room to climb down. Sora carefully scoots himself off the side of the cart, meticulously plotting every step down. Click.

Sora’s feet land solidly on the ground, and he turns to grin at Riku. “We’ll get candy next time, right?”

“Right…” Riku huffs a sigh, leaning against the cart. Sora watches Riku for a minute before imitating his best friend, resting his hands behind his head as he leans back on the cart.


Both boys lose their balance and topple to their bottoms as the cart suddenly begins to roll, gaining momentum as it reaches a sudden slope downwards. Riku and Sora scramble to their feet and watch in horror as the renegade cart tears through the marketplace. The crowd splits like the ocean, as if the cart is a boat sailing too fast through the shallow waters of the docks. The cart’s unintentional journey finally comes to an end when it crashes into another cart, creating a spectacular display of flying planks and goods.

Sora gulps. “At least we finally found the candy cart…”

3/100 completed, chart located here
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